Nanimarquina Jie Rug

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CHF 2'747.00
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Neri & Hu takes inspiration from the tile patterns of Shanghai streets, a place where life literally happens. The name of the collection corresponds to Jie 街, the Chinese character that embodies the essence of a city: the constant movement, dynamism and frenetic activity.
“The character “Jie” is made up of a radical and a phonetic character. The ancient ideograms of the Chinese Jie character depicts on one side the street as an intersection, evoking “life” at the crossroads, while the center portion of the character is made up of two “earth” characters whose ideogram shows a clay on potter’s wheel... a connection to the ceramic colors used by Neri&Hu in the series.”, according to Neri & Hu.
The result is an eclectic hand-tufted rug presenting different pile heights and finishes, made of 100% New wool.

Faser 100% Schurwolle · Technik Hand tufted
Dichte 56.000 Knoten/m2 · Faserhöhe 10 / 15 mm
Gesamthöhe 21 mm · Gewicht 4,50 kg/m2

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Weitere Informationen

Material 100% New wool
Lieferfrist 2 - 4 Wochen
Hersteller Nanimarquina
Designer Neri&Hu
Hinweis Technique: Hand tufted


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