Nanimarquina Blend 1 Rug


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Nanimarquina Blend 1 Rug
Artikelnummer: Nanimarquina Blend 1 Rug


A slim, hand-woven Kilim, Blend rug applies the basic rules of colour theory, with three available models in which hue, luminosity, and saturation vary.
Blend plays with the visual perception of colours. Solid surfaces interact with surfaces that are constructed from lines. These duo toned lines merge into the viewer’s eye to create new colours. Due to this graphic system a multitude of subtle shades are rendered departing from 5 different yarns.
A slim, hand-woven Kilim, this original rug from Pakistan will delight those passionate about colour. Raw Color accompanies nanimarquina discovering current and contemporary colour territories.

Faser 100% Handgesponnen Afghanische wolle · Technik Hand loomed
Ausführung Kilim · Dichte 156.000 knots/m2 · Gesamthöhe 4 mm
Gewicht 1,40 kg/m2

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Weitere Informationen

Material 100% Hand spun Afghan wool
Lieferfrist 2 - 4 Wochen
Hersteller Nanimarquina
Designer Raw Color
Hinweis Technique: Hand loomed

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