Muuto Linear System Configuration 3 - White Laminate/White ABS/Oak

Muuto Linear System Configuration 3

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CHF 5'245.00
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Artikelnummer: Muuto Linear System Configuration 3


The Linear System Table is a simple yet refined table with subtle details and references to the Scandinavian design heritage. Its legs are cut into half-circles and joined with the table for a light expression while the slender overhang at both ends of the table makes for a refined expression.

The Linear System Table is available as a freestanding table to be used on its own, as predesigned configurations or as Middle and End Modules that can be configured to the exact needs of your space.

Weitere Informationen

Material Base material: Lacquered Oak
Table top material: Nanolaminate
Table top edge material: ABS
Farbe Base color: Oak
Abmessungen Length: 720 cm
Height: 74 cm
Width: 142 cm
Lieferfrist 2 - 4 Wochen
Hersteller Muuto
Designer Thomas Bentzen
Hinweis ABS
ABS is a common thermoplastic polymer. Within our collection, ABS is used on the edges of tables for an elegant expression with durable character.

Lacquered Oak
Oak is a traditionally Scandinavian material with durable abilities against factors such as water and fungi alongside a high level of strength, giving it long-lasting properties fit for furniture.

The laminate used in our designs is partly made from melamine resin; one of the hardest synthetically produced organic materials that has the ability to make a surface highly resistant towards scratches and natural wear.

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