Muubs Bar Stool Move 75

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CHF 274.00
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Artikelnummer: Muubs Bar Stool Move 75


Use the Move barstool by Muubs in the bar. The tall stool is made with a massive oak seat that secures a high level of comfort, while the black iron legs provides the chair with a elegant look. Even though the chair is made from massive oak and iron, it is easy to move and position for the best seating experience. Enjoy a cold beer or sophisticated cocktails on the Muubs Move chair.

Tall bar stool in dark stained oak with white iron legs. Use the barstool as an elegant seating at the bar table. The massive iron and oak material of the stool will get a beautiful patina that will make the barstool more raw and masculine over time. Let the Muubs move barstool be a functional, timeless and elegant part of your home interior for seasons to come.

The tall barstool in black with dark stained oak from Muubs is a beautiful piece of furniture with a simple look and masculine feel. The black iron legs are made from massive round bars that are bent into an organic shaped frame, with the Muubs logo lazer cut in the iron under the seat. Use the black barstool with the dark oak seat at the kitchen dining table and enjoy the simple chair that will not take up much space, but will attract attention with its elegant dark colour and organic shaped iron frame.

The tall light barstool by Muubs is in spite of its light feel and look a premium piece of furniture with a masculine feel. The white legs are made from massive round bars that are bent into an elegant organic shaped frame that secures a stabile and comfortable seating while the chair has a light look that fits perfectly into the modern home.

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Material Iron/Oak
Abmessungen H: 75 x Ø: 35
Lieferfrist 2 - 3 Wochen
Hersteller Muubs
Designer Muubs
Hinweis Item number


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