Mr. North Flow Bar Stool

Mr. North Flow Bar Stool

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Artikelnummer: Mr. North Flow Bar Stool


Designed by Studio Gud, FLOW is a timeless family of a dining chair and a bar stool for both public space uses and private home.

FLOW has a strong character where the texture of wood gives itself a solid emphasis. The solid wood frame carries a light molded veneered wood shell, optionally with padded seat.

FLOW is a chameleonic chair as it combines different wood finishes and colors. Its clean form and its carefully selected radius and unions, make it a timeless piece perfect for any use.

Weitere Informationen

Material Solid Oak or Walnut
Abmessungen 457 mm x 790 mm x 497 mm
Lieferfrist 5 - 7 Wochen
Hersteller Mr. North
Designer Studio Gud
Hinweis Oak MN036


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