Morten Gøttler

Morten Gøttler is a self-taught designer and architect and a member of the multi-disciplinary Danish Designers association. He was born in Copenhagen in 1944 and trained in the shipping industry. After working with product development and design for a number of companies, he opened his own drawing office in 1975.

Not limited to furniture design, Gøttler has also worked with genres such as domestic art, toys, packaging, graphics and lighting.

Gøttler became a member of Danish Designers in 1981, and has focused on the furniture industry since 1987. His primary focus has been to design high quality furniture for leading Danish furniture makers.

Gøttler has a strong affinity for wood as a material and creates timeless designs with high comfort and quality by focusing on simple, light expression. He believes that innovation is the foundation for successful design.

Renowned for his approach to the modern Scandinavian design tradition, Gøttler designs furniture characterized by the use of quality materials and thought-out details. His most famous design is the Cuba Chair – a light, flexible folding chair with a classic expression.