Milia Seyppel

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Milia Seyppel Design speaks a unique, poetic and sensual language, constructing forms, sculptures, playful objects and finding new ways of use. The starting point for a new design can be an idea, a shape, a material or a problem that Milia Seyppel wants to solve.

One example is her project VASES, which are inspired by the strength, the purity and the precision of industrial forms found in machinery and architecture.

Her design intends to test limits and explore new possibilities of materials and forms in accordance with their use. To her understanding good design is dependent on what the product is meant to be and where it is meant for - it is a question of the intention of the product.

Milia Seyppel's aim is to develop products of high quality, unique design, long life and optimal function. Each of her designs has its own intention and personality.