Matti Walker & Carlo Borer

CARLO BORER : For me as an artist and designer the borders between the two disciplines are, on the one hand, vague but then again clear. Yet always mutually enriching. The first objects I designed were for my home requirements. With that, I found the possibility of creating associative objects that have a function, i.e. a practical value. At the same time, however, they are rather small, strange things with a personality that possibly hide unknown functions.

My designer pieces open up their own shape universe with a twinkle in your eye. As a designer, it is fascinating to combine a design concept with the need of functionality without compromise.

MATTI WALKER : Since the very start, I have had the privilege to co-develop and design products for Martin Stadler and the Stadler Form Team. What began with Fred, has grown into an attractive, small but fine range of products. This experience, and being part of the team, has greatly enriched myself and my work as a designer.

I follow a few declared objectives that I must achieve in the design of a product: a clear product language and aesthetics, implemented with resource-friendly, durable materials; a simple, intuitive operation and comfortable handling; a clear function, convenience and pleasure to use.

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