Lyon Beton Frag 50x70cm concrete canvas

Lyon Beton Frag 50x70cm concrete canvas

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Artikelnummer: Lyon Beton Frag 50x70cm concrete canvas


FRAG is a piece of concrete that you can hang on your wall. But if you want to use it as a table top, that’s your choice. Some people paint or draw on it with a chalk to customize it. We can print on it for you. Just send us a file.

Outdoor / Indoor suitability:
Suitable for exterior use under temperate conditions. Any pores, micro-cracks, and variations in color are due to the material's inherent and charming nature. Concrete products can be used in an outdoor environment up to a maximum heat of 50°C - 125 degree s Fahrenheit. During the off season please cover your Lyon Béton furniture piece(s) with a protective cover 100 % polyester coated with water-repellent: a waterproof, breathable, UV-resistant. You will find this type of covers in all DIY stores. You can also store them in a dry place.

Weitere Informationen

Farbe light grey
Abmessungen 70 x 50 x 4 cm
Gewicht 9,9 kg
Lieferfrist 2 - 4 Wochen
Hersteller Lyon Beton
Designer Lyon Béton
Hinweis finishing : natural concrete look
Glass fiber reinforced concrete
do not use abrasive materials or solvents on surface. apply protective wax or oil regularly.


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