Lyngby Esben Klint Lamp

Lyngby Esben Klint Lamp

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The best from two worlds
The Lyngby vase from Lyngby Porcelain and the folded lampshades from LE KLINT belong among the classics of Danish design history.

Both designs evolved from the functionalism of the 1940s and with their razor-sharp lines and white signature colour there’s both a spiritual and physical kinship between the two.

Lyngby Porcelain and Le Klint briefly collaborated in the 1950s to produce a table lamp that combined the popular relief of the Lyngby vase and the proud Klint family handicraft. The designs were not distributed widely, so not many of them exist. If you are (very very) lucky, you might be able to find some of the original lamps at flea markets – they all had “Exclusively made” printed in the bottom.

Now, in close agreement with the family of Esben Klint, Lyngby Porcelain re-launches the table lamp that came from this unique collaboration. True to the original design by Esben Klint, with original LE KLINT screen. Just like in the 50’s.

LE KLINT dates back to the beginning of the 20th century, when a hand pleated lamp shade was folded to fit a paraffin lamp - both of which was designed by architect and master of engineering P.V. Jensen-Klint. A team of friends and family members including the sons Tage and Kaare Klint worked hard to refine this new shade and in 1943 entrepreneur Tage Klint turned the Klint family handicraft into a real business.

Esben Klint (1915-1969) was the son of Kaare Klint. Educated as an architect, but in so many ways taught by his father. An inspiration that is mainly visible in his church furniture and the furniture he designed together with Danish architect Børge Mogensen. Esben Klint designed a number of lampshades for LE KLINT - many of which are still in range.

Weitere Informationen

Hersteller Lyngby
Designer Esben Klint
Material Handmade Porcelain
Farben White
Abmessungen H: 68 cm, Ø45 cm
Lieferfrist 2 - 4 Wochen


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