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Luceplan Tivedo LED Schreibtischleuchte Dimmbar

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CHF 350.00
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Ultra-light, ultra-jointed and ultra-technological, the new lamp by Sebastian Bergne is part of a new generation of Task Lights. Starting with its arms, in injection-molded technopolymer, joined and arranged thanks to an original two-way pantograph system that allows for the widest range and variation of movement, always ensuring a steady balance and stability. The swiveling head, also in technopolymer, equipped with a practical, intuitive and ergonomic T grip, contains an LED lighting module of the latest generation, with low energy consumption and a life span approaching 50,000 hours. Another outstanding new feature is the heat sink which has been made using a special thermally conductive plastic instead of aluminium, molded with a design suggestive of a woven fabric pattern. The base houses an intelligent box directly connected to the cable, containing the switch and dimmer, with a second version including a presence sensor. The technopolymer arms, head and base of this versatile work lamp are connected by polished metal parts that combine to create an intriguing “floating” effect between the plastic elements.

Weitere Informationen

Hersteller Luceplan
Designer Sebastian Bergne & Alberto Meda
Material Aluminium
Abmessungen Breite: 45.7cm
Höhe: 44.5cm
Durchmesser Schirm: 8.1cm
Durchmesser Fuß: 19cm
Lieferfrist 2 - 4 Wochen


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