Luceplan Honeycomb LED Pendelleuchte

Luceplan Honeycomb LED Pendelleuchte


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CHF 496.00
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Luceplan Honeycomb LED Pendelleuchte
Artikelnummer: Luceplan Honeycomb LED Pendelleuchte


Like the cells of a beehive,the hexagonal modules of Honeycomb are joined freely into a suspension lamp with a captivating organic symmetry. The hexagons, connected by clips, give life to a selfsupporting structure capable of housing energy-saving LED and halogen light sources for direct and indirect light.

Weitere Informationen

Hersteller Luceplan
Designer Habits Studio
Material spritzgegossenes Technopolymer
Abmessungen Länge:3 Module: 30.5cm
15 Module: 65.2cm
12 Module: 31.2cm
Breite:3 Module: 30cm
15 Module: 76cm
12 Module: 84cm
Höhe: 8cm
Lieferfrist 2 - 4 Wochen
Farbe weiß/glänzend


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