Linddna Swing Garderoben


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Artikelnummer: Linddna Swing Garderoben


SWING is a decorative and functional design for wardrobes and small spaces. Where space is limited, SWING is the elegant solution for the wardrobe or the bedroom. Bring your nicest clothes out of the closet and show them off in your bedroom on SWING. SWING is mounted with rawl plugs in the wall and with rawl plugs and a small hook in the ceiling. If the ceiling is made of plaster, rawl plugs for plaster are required. The leather cord is adjusted to the preferred height and the included fitting is fastened.

SWING is defined by an elegant and minimalistic combination of a thick leather cord and Danish oak. Thanks to a simple mounting system, it looks beautiful in any wardrobe or hall and takes up practically no space. The leather cord is 1.3m long and 7mm thick. The oak has a diameter of 4.5cm

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Material Oak

ca. 3 - 4 Wochen

Hersteller Linddna


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