Kutikai Wardrobe 120 x 50

Kutikai Wardrobe 120 x 50

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Artikelnummer: Kutikai Wardrobe 120 x 50


While arranging the children's room parents often find it hard to choose the wardrobe. Do small children really need it? It turns out that this interesting design from the Peekaboo Collection comes across the needs both of the newborn and - especially - the parents, and also accompanies children till school age. From the very moment the baby is born the wardrobe stores baby clothes. The size of the shelves and the rack for hanging clothes provide very convenient space for all the necessary accessories. Spacious drawers provide space for toys, books or socks when the kid grows older. Easily accessible, easy-to-grip by the hole, they are designed to be used by our children unassisted - something parents can't wait to happen. They also encourage our little ones to keep the room clean and tidy from the very early years.

The Peekaboo Collection designed by Kutikai is simple in form and has one distinctive feature - a hole which attracts children with its familiar shape and makes them want to explore what's on the other side or - play peekaboo.
Simple, safe, and practical, with a robust design, manufactured in a family carpenter shop in the south of Poland under strict designers’ supervision.
The collection also stands out for its legs covered with natural veneer - modified oak which make it exceptionally light.

Weitere Informationen

Material Bleached solid birch plywood, Quality attested, Natural veneer - modified oak
Farbe Bleached Natural Birch / Natural Oak
Abmessungen Length: 120 cm
Width: 50 cm
Height: 184 cm
Lieferfrist 2 - 4 Wochen
Hersteller Kutikai
Designer Kutikai
Hinweis Finish: Organic paint compliant with the EN 71 part 3 Standard - Safety of toys - Migration of certain elements (no heavy metals).
Safety: The product has been designed and manufactured in accordance with the European Standard which is in force in Poland as Polish Standard PN-EN 716-1 & 2 + A1, all Kutikai furniture elements are hand-finished and covered with non-toxic paints, and strong emphasis in put on Safety and Quality Assurance.
Enviroment: Kutikai guarantees eco-friendly manufacturing process and safety of all materials used to manufacture this product.


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