Karup Stack Bed

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CHF 1'007.00
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Smartly featuring three identical, lightweight futon mattresses that you stack atop of each other, Stack bed lets you sleep like royal. It provides extra support and comfort and ensures that flipping your mattress won’t be such a hassle. Did you know that futons should be rotated monthly for ventilation and to retain their shape? With Stack bed, you no longer have to tussle with one thick, heavy mattress. Hosting overnight guests is also a breeze. Simply use one — or both — of the mattresses as an extra bed whenever you have company. Sleepover solved!

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Abmessungen 140x200 cm: (H: 45 cm. - W: 140 cm - L: 200 cm.)

160x200 cm: (H: 45 cm. - W: 160 cm - L: 200 cm.)
180x200 cm: (H: 45 cm. - W: 180 cm - L: 200 cm.)
Lieferfrist 2 - 4 Wochen
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