Jonas Birkebæk Poulsen & Christian Troels

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Christian Troels and Jonas Birkebæk Poulsen work on industrial design projects within a wide field of tasks and product ranges.

Christian Troels has a very playful approach to design and always strives to give some characteristic features and personality to the products, something that will make it stand out from the crowd. "I have worked within many categories, from futuristic electrical cars to pink horse stables for Lego. Working with new fields and continuing to learn, these are very motivating factors for me."

Jonas Birkebæk Poulsen has a very strong passion for design that focus on new technologies and the play between function and aesthetics, "In my design process I rely heavily on digital design processes and 3d conceptualization. I use 3D as a tool to communicate and showcase processes and visualisations of products in a realistic way before they even exist."