Alle Artikel vom Designer

ITLAB.DESIGN is specialized in the research and testing of product design, architecture, interior and graphic design, communication and events. It was funded by Francesca Basaldella, Mauro Cazzaro and Massimo Checchin, all graduates in architecture at the IUAV University of Venice.

ITLAB.DESIGN has collaborated, as Project Manager, with several design studios in the development of new label formats for national and international brands such as: Puma, Chicco, Coop,, Calvin Klein, Gas Jeans.

ITLAB.DESIGN is presently collaborating with Morosini, brand of Luci Italiane srl, Andromeda International, Twentyfour7 srl, Donghia, Rubelli, Trio Bep’s, GasJeans, Levis Footwear, Custò Barcelona, Confesercenti.

Moreover, ITLAB.DESIGN is working on special, limited edition projects and is constantly conducting research in partnership with the IUAV University of Design and Arts in Venice and San Marino, as well as the European Institute of Design-IED