Innermost Snowdrop

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PDF Icon Innermost Snowdrop
PDF Icon Innermost Snowdrop
Artikelnummer: Innermost Snowdrop


Snowdrop is a brightly coloured aluminium pendant light with a glass diffusing sphere designed by Stone Designs.
Cutu and Eva of Stone Designs do a lot of work in Japan, design a lot of restaurants and are 2 of the most colourful characters we know in the industry. It’s easy to see how all of this could combine and end in a design like Snowdrop.
Supposedly based on the flower of the same name (yep we get that) but a lot people say ‘manga’, ‘cartoons’, ’emoji’, ‘candy’…… Whatever the origin, these are lamps of character. With a choice of six colours for the cap, cord and ceiling rose that sit above a blown glass sphere. The glow of the lamp seems to intensify the colour more even more.
They have been featured in numerous restaurant and bar interiors, and we love the way they fit into the jolly Coca-cola canteen, Madrid.

Weitere Informationen

Hersteller Innermost
Designer Stone Designs | ES
Hinweis Cable: 4m, braided cable colour matches product colour
Material Aluminium and glass
Lieferfrist 2 - 4 Wochen


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