Innermost Jeeves Wall

Innermost Jeeves Wall


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PDF Icon Innermost Jeeves Wall
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The Jeeves Wall Lamp, a classic gentleman’s bowler that looks like it has been thrown very hard at a wall! The Bowler hat with an anodised gold interior gives a soft warm down light. The product has an additional feature that allows it to be set at any angle on the wall giving you more scope for installation ideas.
The Jeeves and Wooster range are a blend of Great British tradition and modern technology, hand-made wool felt hats are lined with an aluminium inner shell. They are named after P.G. Wodehouse’s two iconic characters. Wooster, the jovial but empty-headed young gentleman, and Jeeves, his improbably well-informed and talented valet.

Weitere Informationen

Hersteller Innermost
Designer Jake Phipps
Material Wool felt hat with Aluminium interior
Abmessungen 13cm H x 25cm W x 23cm L
Lieferfrist 2 - 4 Wochen
Farbe Black with gold anodized interior


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