In-es.artdesign T. Moon Nebulite Bianco

In-es.artdesign T. Moon Nebulite Bianco


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CHF 228.00
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Artikelnummer: In-es.artdesign T. Moon Nebulite Bianco


Whether your fantasies are based on Neil Armstrong or Georges Méliès, you've probably wanted to get a little closer to the moon than your mortal hands have been able to reach. In-es.artdesign's Luna Lamp will help you leap the rest of the distance. Constructed in space-age nebulite and fitted with a plastic cable, the Luna Lamp's familiarly unearthy glow will light up your indoor spaces for out of this world interior design. Ever wished the Earth had a few more satellites to capture your imagination? Pair a few up and pacify your inner lunaphile. Weight : 1 : 0.4000 2 : 0.7000 Origin : Italy Comments : On/off switch on cord. Technical information : 1 : E14 fitting. Max 42W standard bulb or 11W CFL. EU plug. 2 : E14 fitting. Max 52W standard bulb or 26W CFL. EU plug.

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Hersteller In-es.artdesign
Designer Ocilunam
Material Nebulite. Plastic Cable.
Lieferfrist ca. 2 Wochen


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