Hay Aal Seat Cushion High - DIVINA MELANGE 120

Hay Aal Seat Cushion High

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CHF 123.00
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Artikelnummer: Hay Aal Seat Cushion High


The Seat Cushion for AAL High is for using with models AAL 91 and 92. Designed to provide additional seating comfort, it also enables you to choose different upholsteries and personalise your chair design. It is made of soft moulded polyurethane foam and is fully upholstered. The Seat Cushion is fixed on the AAL 91 model, and is an optional extra for the AAL 92.

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Abmessungen W60.6 X D60.6 X H7.6
Lieferfrist 4 - 6 Wochen
Hersteller HAY
Designer Hee Welling


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