Hay AAC 25 Polished Aluminium Silk Sil0250

Hay AAC 25 Polished Aluminium Silk Sil0250

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Artikelnummer: Hay AAC 25 Polished Aluminium Silk Sil0250


The solid rounded shell and unified silhouette of the About A Chair AAC 25 adds executive weight and brings a warm, welcoming expression to the otherwise functional and technical genre of office chairs. The stylish, functional design combined with the elegant swivel four-star castor base makes it perfect for formal or official settings and work-at-home offices. The polypropylene shell is available in a large number of colour and upholstery options and the base comes in various finishes.

Weitere Informationen

Material Frame: Aluminium Polished
Shell: Polypropylene
Upholstery: Silk Sil0250
Abmessungen W59 X D52 X H79
Lieferfrist 2 - 4 Wochen
Hersteller HAY
Designer Hee Welling
Hinweis Item No: 2254016105710


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