Harto Josephine Side Table Marble Version

Harto Josephine Side Table Marble Version

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Artikelnummer: Harto Josephine Side Table Marble Version


JOSÉPHINE is an example of HARTÔ’s new direction taken last January (in January 2018). This marble and natural oak coffee table was designed by the brand’s creative director, Mathieu Galard. Elegance, attention to detail and thought-through design are the hallmarks of this new object. Importance given to each finishing touch is at the heart of Joséphine’s design. This goes hand in hand with a marble surface and a solid wood base, underlined by four brushed brass bars which give contemporary sophistication to the piece.

Weitere Informationen

Material Carrare marble or solid oak tray. Central structure and assembly plate made with brushed brass. Legs in solid oak.
Abmessungen Upper platform length: 1000 cm
Upper platform width: 700 cm
Foot height: 408 cm
Internal spacing between the two feet (width of the table): 560 cm
Lieferfrist 2 - 4 Wochen
Hersteller Harto
Designer Mathieu Galard


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