Gubi Y! Bar Table - 80x240 - Nano Laminate Pure White top

Gubi Y! Bar Table - 80x240

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CHF 2'116.00
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Artikelnummer: Gubi Y! Bar Table - 80x240


The Y! Bar Table by Henning Larsen Architects is notable both for the simplicity of its form and its construction; it is functional, thoughtful and contemporary. Designed without architraves around the tabletop edge, the elegant steel table leg is angled towards the centre of the top, creating the illusion that the tabletop is floating. Suitable for both professional and private environments, the Y! Bar Table allows you to put your own style to the interior decoration.

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Abmessungen 80x240 cm
Lieferfrist 2 - 4 Wochen
Hersteller GUBI
Designer Henning Larsen


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