Gubi Stay Sofa - 260x110cm

Gubi Stay Sofa - 260x110cm

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Artikelnummer: Gubi Stay Sofa - 260x110cm


The deeper Stay Sofa, with possibility for decorative cushions, is perfectly suited for the private home. With its soft shape and gentle lines, it expresses the ultimate homely feeling, where you want to “stay” seated. This statement furniture unifies luxury with comfort.

Stay here, stay with me, stay relaxed, stay and read...The Stay Sofa has a sculptural and organic shape that, besides from giving a contemporary look also embraces the user. The characteristic shape is almost like a singular continuous pencil stroke wrapping a solid texture. The sofa is suitable for both public spaces and private homes where keeping cosiness and comfort are essential.

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Lieferfrist 2 - 4 Wochen
Hersteller GUBI
Designer Gubi


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