Gubi 1F Center Base Non-Stackable Chair - American Walnut / Black Frame

Gubi 1F Center Base Non-Stackable Chair

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CHF 288.00
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Artikelnummer: Gubi 1F Center Base Non-Stackable Chair


Contemporary interior design is simple, clean and offers an uncluttered look. The furniture that best suits this style features clean-cut lines and striking colours or the innovative use of materials. Individual, unique pieces of furniture are the key to contemporary style. One of Gubi's most innovative products, the Gubi Chair collection, was designed by Boris Berlin and Poul Christiansen of Komplot Design. The Gubi Chair is the first furniture design to be based on the innovative technique of moulding three-dimensional veneer. The 3-D design gives the chair a comfortable seat and sense of lightness. Ground-breaking technology allows the thickness of the veneer to be reduced to half that normally used. The Gubi chair was designed in 2003, has won numerous design awards and is included in the permanent exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. From the Gubi Chair collection another very innovative product was developed, the Gubi Chair II. Also designed by Boris Berlin and Poul Christiansen of Komplot Design, the Gubi Chair II offers a simple, clean, minimalist look, the essence of contemporary style. The Gubi II chair is eco-friendly as the seat and back are made ​​of polyester fibre, extracted from used plastic bottles and transformed into felt. In one single process, two mats made from this felt are moulded around a tubular steel frame whilst the edges are cut by a powerful jet stream of water. Simple, minimal style, combined with great strength and low maintenance makes the Gubi Chair II equally suited to private homes, commercial spaces and public places, such as restaurants, cafeterias and museums. The Gubi Chair II was designed in 2006 and has won a number of design awards, recognised for its highly innovative and sustainable approach to furniture design.


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Abmessungen H45/81 x L:50 x W:53.5
Lieferfrist 2 - 3 Wochen
Hersteller GUBI
Designer Komplot Design
Hinweis The Gubi chair is available with a shell in Hirek material in six different colours: Black, Midnight Grey, Misty Grey, Blue Morning, Orange Sweet and White and in tre veener sheel: oak, American walnut and blackstained beech. Likewise the shell comes in a fully upholstered version in a range og different fabrics and leather, and in front upholstered where the back comes in Hirek og veener.The base is available in four differet varieties: a sledge base in chrome or black painted steel, a wood base in American walnut, blackstained beech or oak, a swivel base in chrome or black painted steel and a centerbase in black painted steel.
Centerbase with Hirek, wood, and fully and front upholstered shell
4-legged center base



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