Gazzda Ava Bench

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CHF 1'068.00
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Artikelnummer: Gazzda Ava Bench


The Ava bench is for the unique among us. For the Roman who dares to drink her cappuccino after 11am. For the granddad who drives electric. And for anyone who loves novelty.

It takes only one glance to learn why. Ava rocks a unique A-shaped leg construction, connected to a slender, bent backrest. This connection makes the bench radiate a distinct and iconic sort of grace.

She can be placed at the dining table with our Ava arm chairs, but is equally fit to support you as you put on your shoes in the hallway. Or, to serve as a stylish loveseat anywhere that needs a little love.

Ava’s ergonomic, human-contoured upholstered seats are thinned out, to give them an airy look and feel. They are available in veneered oak, leather, or a combination of wool and flax, in carefully selected colours.

Weitere Informationen

Material Frame: Solid oak
Hardwax oil - White 1015/Natural 1505
Lacquer - Black grey 7021
Seat options: Main line flax fabric | Dakar Leather | Veneered oak
Abmessungen W: 120 cm x D: 52 cm x H: 77,5 cm
Lieferfrist 2 - 4 Wochen
Hersteller Gazzda
Designer Salih Teskeredzic


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