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Gabriele Chiave :

Design is a wonderful challenge because it is not necessarily art – it's based on rules and paths defined by the industry. Therefore, I explore these paths, but in unexpected ways. Being a generalist, my vast experience with an assortment of materials, techniques and processes permits me to find balance between industry and art and structure and experimentation. Believing that design must be comprehensive, I dig into reality to communicate feelings and emotions that create meaningful interaction between product and consumer. This is what I love about what I do.

I have lived in many cultures. Those cultures now live in me.

Growing up in Africa, South America and Europe, I was captivated by societal differences and unique habits and traditions – the intercultural new elements I bring to what I create. I know also that my Italian industrial upbringing guides me to intermingle form and function. Those early experiences shape who I am today – art aficionado, jazz lover, observer of everything. I am greatly inspired by art, photography and fashion but what energizes me most is culture and the people who surround me.

I don't see a studio, I see a creative reality.

As Creative Director, I am responsible for all creative processes, but my purpose goes much deeper. I am called to lead toward a common vision that Marcel and the studio has traced through all these years. To do this, I orchestrate multi-disciplinary collisions of ideation between everyone able to add quality to the creative process. I envision a creative hub where our our eclectic team is free to make beauty and dynamic complexity accessible and expand the human experience. I press on to create a place where we are persistently beckoned to reach higher – be it in our work, our lives, our dreams.

Lorenza Bozzoli :

Born in Milano where she studied art at the Brera Academy.​From '85 she started as free lance fashion designer for Fiorucci, Basile, Plein Sud, Sergio Rossi, Camper and many others.From '96 with passion she dedicated to industrial design, working for Antiquità, Viceversa, Alessi, Dilmos, Dedon, Moooi, Spazio Pontaccio, Colè, Tato.She partecipated in many exhibitions in Italy (Triennale MI) and abroad(Cooper Hewitt NY) and many others.​Lives and work in Milano in her own design studio.