Future Systems

Future Systems
Future Systems was an architectural and design practice producing highly original work. The designs were not only architecturally innovative and visually striking, but were also pieces of highly functional equipment, inspired by both nature and technologies transferred from other industries.

The practice was recognised worldwide for consistently challenging traditional preconceptions of space and demonstrating environmental concern and efficiency, without the need to compromise on contemporary form. Research was a vital ingredient for the practice and a balance between experimental and real projects was kept in order to remain at the cutting-edge of the field.

Delivering design excellence, whatever the budget, was matched by the emphasis placed on the development of a close working relationship between Client, Architect and Engineer, to achieve the highest levels of functionality. Future Systems took a proactive role in leading the design team. All activities and costs were monitored throughout the tightly controlled construction process, enabling completion date objectives and budgets to be kept under control. The management of projects was considered as important as the creative process and it was this commitment that gave Future Systems the confidence to pursue innovation both in design and procurement strategies.

Future Systems’ work was grounded in sound commercial principles, enabling clients to achieve a variety of business objectives such as raising their profile, enhancing their brand positioning and attracting sponsorship. Future Systems was quoted as ‘laying down the agenda for architecture in the 21st century’.

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