Fredericia J64 Stuhl Buche, Schwarz

Fredericia J64 Stuhl Esche, Schwarz

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Artikelnummer: Fredericia J64 Stuhl Esche, Schwarz


Johansson’s chair draws a parallel to traditional Windsor, as well as Nordic folk furniture. The curved chair with sloping arms works as a comfortable dining chair, or a lounge chair facing a sofa.

The J64 chair is not limited to a single function. The chair works as a comfortable dining chair, or as a lounge chair facing a sofa. Or with the complementary stool, it becomes a lightweight easy chair. The chair’s personality can be further enhanced by the addition of a soft lambskin or a pillow.

With the J64, designer Ejvind A Johansson fuses cabinet-makers traditions, thought-through functionality and minimalism. The steam-bent top piece and slender spokes create a design that draws a parallel to classic Windsor chairs, Vienna chairs and Nordic folk furniture, all merging to form a distinct expression. This gives the chair an ageless design.

Made in the EU

Weitere Informationen

EAN Code 4250298783789
Material Esche (Herkunft: Europa)
Farbe Schwarz
Abmessungen Höhe: 79,6 cm, Tiefe: 54 cm, Länge: 59,5 cm
Gewicht 5,8 kg
Lieferfrist 2 - 4 Wochen
Hersteller Fredericia
Designer Ejvind A. Johansson | DK
Sitzhöhe 45 cm
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