Frandsen Kyoto Pendant Slim Electro plated

Frandsen Kyoto Pendant Slim Electro plated

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Artikelnummer: Frandsen Kyoto Pendant Slim Electro plated


Kyoto is the name of this elegant glass pendant from Danish Frandsen Retail. A perfect match for current décor trends with heavier fabrics and dark colors for walls and curtains.

The name is inspired by the Japanese city. The Imperial capital of Japan for centuries, today Kyoto embraces the design-conscious nation’s taste for stylish and refined design in the same spirit that has made Denmark and Scandinavian design famous.

The Kyoto lamp features several integral contrasts. The shade is coated with a very thin layer of metal using an advanced electro galvanization process. The metallic inner layer results in an exclusive, semi-transparent glass shade that reflects the light and catches the eye, while providing a soft glimpse of the bulb inside. The lamp looks best with a classic filament bulb, but a similar look can also be achieved with one of the many new LED bulbs.

The Kyoto pendant is ideal in groups hanging over a dining table; but the pendant is also super elegant alone. Kyoto is available in four shapes. Used together in a group, for instance over the dining table, they create a distinctive and bold look that plays with their different shapes.

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Hersteller Frandsen
Designer Studio Frandsen
Abmessungen ø10 cm
Lieferfrist 2 - 4 Wochen


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