Form & Refine Stilk Side Table

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CHF 699.00
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Artikelnummer: Form & Refine Stilk Side Table


A mobile and versatile side table. The table is visually very light as the tabletop is only mounted on one leg and therefore seems to hover in the air. The slightly built tabletophas three different height settings regulated by a brass rod. This renders it suitable as a side table for a sofa or armchair, as a bedside table or simply as a freestanding table.
The development of the Stilk Side Table started with the idea of creating an extremely light construction that rests on a solid monolith. Our aim is to challenge the construction of a table and make something which seems to hover in the air. Through studying bent surfaces and counterweight we figured out the mold of the tabletop.
– Herman Studio

Weitere Informationen

Material Solid Polish Ash. Raw Brass Detail
Abmessungen L: 37 cm, H: 72 cm, W: 35 cm
Gewicht 5 kg
Lieferfrist 2 - 4 Wochen
Hersteller Form & Refine
Designer Herman Studio
Hinweis Place of Origin: Made in Poland
Table heights: 48, 54, 60 cm
Finish: Soap-treated
Product number: 2102


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