Form & Refine Motif Armchair

Form & Refine Motif Armchair

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Artikelnummer: Form & Refine Motif Armchair


A chair of sophisticated aesthetics in a pure and compelling form. The natural webbing is twisted by a 35 millimeter horizontal and 50 millimeter vertical webbing-band, making it an outstanding design element all the while fitting the chair’s dimensions to perfection. This element continues upon the backrest for a fully complete interaction. The backrest is also twisted on both sides so no matter which angle it is seen from the design is complete.
The natural webbing makes the chair particularly comfortable and adds, as the solid oak, to the quality for a long-lasting usage.
The armrest adds to this elegance and comfort with a widened area to lean on and ends with a natural spot for your hands. Even though the armrest is in a natural height, they stand out as the backrest dimension is cut down the minimum.
With the Motif Armchair we wanted to create a chair that is harmonious and beautiful from all angles. Therefore, the back of the backrest is also webbed which renders it aesthetically pleasing when placed against a table. The legs’ oval profile is continued throughout the frame of the chair.
– Herman Studio

Weitere Informationen

Material Solid Oak and Natural Linen Webbing
Abmessungen W: 50,5 cm, H: 77,5 cm, D: 43 cm
Gewicht 5 kg
Lieferfrist 2 - 4 Wochen
Hersteller Form & Refine
Designer Herman Studio
Hinweis Place of Origin: Made in Lithuania
Seat Height: 45,5 cm
Finish: Natural Oil Finish
Product number: 2120


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