Emmanuel Babled

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Between science fiction and seventies revival, Emmanuel Babled, designer fascinated by the glass, in 2004 revisits the formal language of traditional masters of Murano, a collection of over three called "Toys". Parts of families "Unit", "Megalit" and "Genetic" seem out of alien saucers, but leave no doubt enthusiasts technique. Normal, Venini is the producer and the world's lagoon they saw the light of day. French trained at the European Institute of Design, he moved to Milan in 1992, before setting out in France and Japan in the galleries of the popular 90 years. Emmanuel Babled accumulates now fifteen years of experience in the glass. His creations for Baccarat, Venini, Laurent Perrier Design, renewed the formal perception of the container, causing it to its limits by tapping into the playful provocation.