Driade Nemo Metallic Sessel-Eisen

Driade Nemo Metallic Sessel-Eisen


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Artikelnummer: Driade Nemo Metallic Sessel-3


Fabio Novembre uses furniture design to tell intense and fascinating stories in which the protagonist is often the human figure. This human figure is capable of becoming abstract and universal, able to propose a mythic beauty as occurred in Greek art. So that Nemo, a face with classic features, is hollowed out to create an inhabitable space. The result is a head-armchair to be lived from the inside. Like a mask, it simultaneously conceals and reveals its inhabitant.

characteristics: Polyethylene fixed or swivel monobloc available in new metal powder finishes iron, copper and brass. New metal powder fishes and swivel versions are indoor use only.

Weitere Informationen

Farben Eisen
Material Harzwasser und Metallpulver
Abmessungen Breite: 90 cm
Tiefe: 83 cm
Sitzhöhe: 41 cm
Höhe: 135 cm
Lieferfrist 2 - 4 Wochen
Hersteller Driade
Designer Fabio Novembre


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