Design House Stockholm Basket rug Dark grey - 180x180 cm

Design House Stockholm Basket rug Dark grey

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Artikelnummer: Design House Stockholm Basket rug Dark grey


Lena Bergström is a veteran in the design game with the expertise that comes with the years. That becomes clear when you look closely at her creations. She has an utmost respect and love for the material that she is working with whether it is glass, metal or textiles.
In 2018, she further develops our collection with a rug that could only have been achieved through a deep knowledge of craftsmanship. The rug is entirely made by hand. The special technique of hand-tufting in different directions enhances the three-dimensional feel of Basket. Several threads in different colours creates the desired lustre. The rug is then carefully cut by hand into a tromp l’oeil graphic pattern that pays homage to Swedish handicraft traditions such as birch bark baskets and rucksacks. Sharp angles and soft transitions play the roles in a shadow play that is both illusion and reality. It comes in beige, grey, dark grey and green and in four sizes but can be customized as a special order in other sizes.

Weitere Informationen

Material Handtufted carpet 100% wool, cotton backing.
Farbe Dark grey
Gewicht 180×180 cm, 16.2 kg
185×240 cm, 22.2 kg
245×245 cm, 30 kg
245×300 cm, 36.5 kg
Lieferfrist 2 - 4 Wochen
Hersteller Design House Stockholm
Designer Lena Bergström


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