Case Cross Pedestal Table

Case Cross Pedestal Table


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The Cross Pedestal Table designed by Matthew Hilton is well proportioned in its design aesthetic while boasting a distinctive look. It distils modern design principles beautifully ensuring this unique table is suitable for functional living. Overall it is a contemporary and interesting piece of furniture offering flexibility to smaller dining rooms.

The asymmetrical solid wood base highlights the exceptional design work by Matthew Hilton, injecting this dining table with plenty of character and integrity. The size of this table provides a worthy option for smaller dining spaces.

Setting a cosy dining scene for just the two of you or some friends, this table is perfect for intimate meals. The glass top lightens the piece drawing attention to the interlocking base of the table, giving it a sculptural feel adding to its prominent look.

With a versatile seating arrangement of between 4 -6 people, it is ideal for small gatherings or small family living. The table is available in two options - oak and wenge.

- 12mm thick toughened glass top
- The base is constructed from two interlocking pieces which simply slot together
- The table can comfortably seat up to 4 people, or 6 close friends
- Central pedestal style base
- Suitable for Contract use
- Made in Europe

Weitere Informationen

Farbe Wenge
Abmessungen 1200 x 1200 x 730 mm
Lieferfrist 3 - 5 Wochen
Hersteller Case
Designer Matthew Hilton
Hinweis Assembly for the Cross Pedestal Table
- Partial assembly required – minimum 2 people

Care notes for the Cross Pedestal Table
- Wipe the tabletop with a clean, dry colourless cloth.
- Spray water or a glass cleaner on the tabletop. Keep in mind that some cleaning products will leave streaks on glass, so make sure to use one designed specifically for glass or opt for plain hot water.
- Wipe the tabletop with a clean, dry colourless cloth. If you find yourself with lint or dust sticking to the table, set aside your cloth and grab some old newspaper. Crumple the newspaper into a ball and use it as you would a cloth; scrub spots on the tabletop and wipe repeatedly until dry.


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