By Lassen Base For kubus 8 - Brass

By Lassen Base For kubus 8


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Base was designed in 2009 as an accessory for Kubus and Line to protect surfaces from dripping candle wax. Base beautifully frames the candleholders and emphasizes the simple design of both Kubus and Line. Base has been designed with the greatest respect for the architect Mogens Lassen – both as an architect and as a designer.

Weitere Informationen

Material Untreated copper and solid brass. The copper and solid brass will patinate nicely over time
Abmessungen 30x30 cm

ca. 2 - 4 Wochen

Hersteller by Lassen
Designer Jacob Manz
Hinweis Cleaning:
Brass : Use Brasso for brass, without abrasive grains
copper :Use Brasso for copper, without abrasive grains



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