Borge Mogensen

Børge Mogensen was born in Aalborg, Denmark and was a trained cabinet maker and architect. He obtained as a designer, along with colleagues such as Arne Jacobsen and Hans J. Wegner, to get Danish furniture design up on an international and highly respected level. Børge Mogensen's simple and functional designs created a natural connection between his design and its users, which was essential and evident in all his works. In 1972 he was awarded with the title "Honorary Royal Designer for Industry" in London.

Børge Mogensen was productive as few. The ideas came to him at all times of the day and they were enshrined on matchboxes, napkins, half curled envelopes, or whatever was at hand. Thus he created some of the 1950s and 1960s most recognized furniture classics, including the Shaker table, which is known worldwide and is a role-model for many subsequent tables.