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Beam Display


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Beam Display is digital signage software that connects your Beam to our online content management system. It is developed especially for business use and you can find more information on the Beam Display website. Beam Display allows you to manage your Beam projectors remotely from the website and schedule any content to them, like video’s, pictures and text.

Beam Display consists of an application for your Beam and the ability to login to the Beam Display website. From then on you’ll be able to see a list of your Beam projectors, regardless of where you are. You can group Beams together and schedule different layouts to them. You can even set the timing for certain content to be displayed. Within minutes the Beam projectors will synchronize and show the latest content.

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Hersteller Beam
Hinweis Product Description

- Beam Display is a subscription to the online content management system at Login to Beam Display
- The pricing is built up from the monthly subscription fee of €14.99 and a one time fee to set up the cloud connection between your account and your device.
- This product is a one year subscription, you will automatically be invoiced again after one year for just the subscription.
- After purchasing Beam Display you will be contacted with instructions to set it up on your device and receive your login credentials to the login page. After installing the application on Beam, it will request access to the cloud platform. We will grant access within one working day so you can get started quickly.
- Please note that you need a Beam smart light socket projector for this software to work! If you do not have one yet you can find it in the shop.
- The pricing you see on the website might include taxes. Make sure you have a valid VAT/TIN number entered to deduct taxes.
Lieferfrist 2 - 3 Wochen


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