Arnout Visser

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Studied on the Ad School in Anthem in the Netherlands (1984-1989) And also graduated in 1990 at the Domus Academy in Milano, Italy.

Arnout Visser has been working on his own as well as on commissioned collections (e.g. Droog Design) since 1991. bridging disciplines from product to furniture and interior to graphic design: employing a wide variety of materials from glass and ceramics to plastics, metal and even water. Ideas for his designs are often initiated by physical or mechanical laws. If he has any preference, it's perhaps for glass and its multiple applications: from the useful to the decorative, form the shape to innovative functions. In this he follows the great tradition of inventors and scientists like Kepler. Newton. Huygens and Van Leeuwenhoek; satisfying his fascination the as yet unlimited technical applications of this ancient material: glass.
Visser's work, awarded with many international prizes, is easily recognisable by its strict adherence to the basic purpose of the object, giving it the definitive form required to fulfil its function. He is an ingenious disciple of the great design tradition of the Bauhaus and its derivative movements, although with a specific humour. For when he decides to add a personal touch, it is an unexpected twist, a glimpse of a little private joke between him and his medium that speaks of a relationship between man and matter far beyond the purely functional.