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Architect with an international background of experiences is not only an innovator in the design language for commercial and experiential projects but also a committed designer for industrial products and limited edition’s objects.

Formerly a Ron Arad’s collaborator, he opened in 2001 his own Italian office with a satellite branch based in Beijing and maintained for the past 15 years a fruitful partnership with jump-studios in London. Antonio Gardoni is the author of the book “food by design”, creator of the Provocative collection of furniture “unhappy family” and a perfumer by passion with its own brand: Bogue-Profumo. Antonio is a curious and enthusiastic explorer of esthetic-functional scenarios that later he applies in his commercial, residential and product related projects as well as in his latest work focused on office spaces. he have been offering for years specific corporate consulting to different companies looking for new motivations, inspirations and tools to read and develop their identity with his skills in art direction, graphic and strategic advisory.

Some of his clients: Levi’s, Ib Rubinetti, Google, Penelope Group,
Hong Hing, Nike, Euromoda, Giuso, Li Ning, Langland,, Alan Journo,
Sutherland Global, Lever Fabergé, Pubal Consult, Pembroke Real Estate.


Federico Castelli after his studies in Industrial Design at Machina Institut, he started working as a designer in both graphic design and interiors, collaborating with clients such as Officina Rivadossi, DXG – Giustacchini Packaging, Paghera and Gianfranco Bortolotti.

In 2006 he started his collaboration with studio Antonio Gardoni where he became a key figure in developing projects in Italy, China and England with clients like Giuso S.P.A, Gruppo Penelope, Hong Ying, Li Ning, Sutherland Global and Langland.

From 2013 he became a partner in Studio AG running not only projects for commercial and residential spaces but also getting involved in the production of communication tools and in the art direction for renowned Italian companies such as Ib Rubinetti. from 2013 to 2015 he teachs interior design at Accademia Santa Giulia in Brescia.

In 2016 he founded Federico Castelli Design, a design practice specialized in product, graphic design and interiors.