AndTradition Passepartout JH12 - matt white

AndTradition Passepartout JH12


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Artikelnummer: AndTradition Passepartout JH12


"As a designer, you normally want your designs to be noticed", laughs Spanish artist/designer Jaime Hayon. "And spot lamps are usually anonymous and ignored. With the Passepartout Lamps, I wanted a versatile lamp in a decorative design that could easily fit into any type of spatial environment. So we pictured the environment and then we pictured a frame to simply enhance it. Like a Passe-Partout. Et voilà." Whether you need lighting for a large, expansive space or a narrow corridor, for a cosy home environment or a welcoming workspace, the Passepartout Lamp emits a light that’s surprisingly calm and tranquil. Add to that built-in LED technology that ensures a high quality light emission that’s also energy-efficient, custom designed so the light is uniformly dispersed throughout a space.

Weitere Informationen

EAN Code 5705385007952
Hersteller AndTradition
Designer Jaime Hayon
Hinweis Environment: Indoor
Product type: Wall lamps
Technical specs: 11,5 Watt dimmable LED, 2700K
Weight (kg): JH12: 0.95 kg
Production: The shade is made from deep drawn and lacquered metal and the diffuser is made from moulded polycarbonate.
Material Lacquered Aluminium, Polycarbonate, ABS
Farben Matt White
Abmessungen JH12: Ø: 28cm, H: 12.5cm
Lieferfrist ca. 2 - 4 Wochen

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