AndTradition Column JA2-Aluminium

AndTradition Column JA2

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CHF 374.00
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Artikelnummer: AndTradition Column JA2


English designer John Astbury played with the proportions, surfaces and materials to create more than a shelf – but in a minimal expression that... +s little round sibling is the ideal companion. Pair them at varying heights and configurations, or place each on its own as a side table or in-shop display. Enjoy the option of waxed aluminium for both the shelf and supporting columns or black anodised aluminium for the shelf with oiled walnut

Weitere Informationen

Material Aluminium or aluminium with solid walnut.
Abmessungen H:17cm x D: 25cm x L: 80cm
Gewicht 4kg
Lieferfrist 2 - 4 Wochen
Hersteller AndTradition
Designer John Astbury
Hinweis Environment : Indoor


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