Andrea Lazzari & Massimo Tonetto

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Andrea Lazzari

Passion, curiosity and research are three ingredients that I always add to all my projects, the experience matters, but I think that every new project has to be faced with the humility of who must begin from zero.

I love the simple shapes of the nature; a shell, a stone; ... everything has its precise shape.

At the beginning of each project my feeling changes according to the wish of giving an answer to a specific characteristic that may be functional rather than formal, or rather than to a certain expressive-catching research.

Massimo Tonetto

Massimo Tonetto graduated in architecture at the University of Venice.

Since 1998 he has been working as a designer for the most important lighting and furniture producers. His products are always original and functional, his design is simple but nonetheless elegant.

Massimo is also an experienced interior and exhibition designer, having realized several display stands and showrooms