Almost Third Shelf

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Artikelnummer: Almost Third Shelf


Almost Third Shelf

Weitere Informationen

Material birch plywood, clear lacquer
Farbe natural birch
Abmessungen L.55 x W.55 x H.9 cm. (dimensions of each of the four elements in the set)
Lieferfrist 3 - 5 Wochen
Hersteller Almost
Designer Almost
Hinweis The product consists of four identical L-shaped modules, and wall fixtures for each of them. The photos show different arrangements for the modules.

Please keep in mind, that the product doesn’t include any of the books used in the photo images.

To protect the product from any flaws or blemishes, please keep it away from water or other liquids. If wetness or dirt occurs, make sure to wipe it dry and clean in time. Use only indoors. Keep away from sharp or harmful objects.


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