Aldo Ciabatti

Aldo Ciabatti was born in Arezzo, Italy. He received his Diploma at the Italian Art Institute in 1957. By the early 60's, he had begun to focus on Industrial Design, cooperation with a number of different architectural offices.
Aldo Ciabatti is a designer who understands the complexness of archieving simplicity. He has made it a life's work to create objects in which there is an essential unity; a connate harmony of material, shape and color.
Bringing a new enthusiasm to the EMU range is Aldo Ciabatti whose design philosophy makes a bold statement with an emphasis on beauty, utility, character and industrial realisation, through rational methods of problem solving and the intuitive abilities of the designer.
Nearly every piazza in Italy is furnished with Ciabatti's chairs and benches, particularly the Ronda armchair.